As your Fractional VP of Sales, we provide sales leadership to your team, design a sales process that fits your business plan, and establish metrics that eliminate excuses and boost productivity.

We manage all responsibilities of Sales Management, from recruiting to implementing and driving the sales process.  If you have a lifestyle business that makes you happy, congratulations, but if you are serious about building a high performing sales team that can really grow your revenue, we are here to help.

In short, we perform all the roles of a VP of Sales without taking up office space -- and without being added to your payroll. In fact, our month-to-month contract ensures we only work for you if you are pleased with our results.

By creating a sales playbook for your organization, we create a framework for measurable, repeatable success. By providing the proper training and tracking the sales process, we can help you sell up to 36% more. If you're ready to discuss what a Fractional VP of Sales can do for your organization, contact us at 770.330.8834.

We Concentrate On Three Areas That Will Maximize Results


track performance


We build accountability plans that give your sales people specific actions and deadlines that keep them focused on the most productive activities and build a steady stream of sales-ready leads.

focus on profitability

We emphasize profit over volume, and teach your sales team how to find the most profitable opportunities; protect their selling hours for maximum yield; and how to predict which sales will close.

sales training

We bring two levels of personalized training to your sales organization: sales skills training and sales process training. With sales skills training, we coach your team in the specific techniques that make them more effective from first call to close. Sales process training teaches them the process to use in every sale for repeatable results.

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About Bernie Unterreiner

Fractional VP of Sales

Bernie brings 25-plus years of proven experience to the table.  From Salesperson of the Year in his business, to Salesperson of the Year for the entire company (100 sales people), to being awarded Sales Center of the Year five times, to explosive growth in the company’s largest subsidiary.  With the help of his sales leadership, the company rose from $300 million of business to $4.5 billion. The company  became a Wall Street Darling during the 1990s and the main reason was their repeatable and measurable sales process.  As SVP of Sales calling on the 50 largest banks in the country, Bernie led the channel with $1.5 billion in revenue. Their businesses maintained the number one spot in market share amongst their peers in six of seven businesses throughout the 1990s.